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Tasmin Lucia-Khan, experienced journalist, news presenter and TV host, has been on our screens for 13 years.

Having started her career in showbiz in 1999, Tasmin made the transition to current affairs and news in 2004 and hasn't looked back since. She's worked for the biggest UK broadcasters and terrestrial networks, and has reported on some of the biggest breaking news stories from around the globe in recent years.

In her role as news anchor for daily, popular TV breakfast show 'Daybreak' on ITV1, she covered the deaths of Osama Bin Laden and Colonel Gaddafi, the Chilean Miners rescue operation, the Japanese Earthquake, the European debt crisis and the UK riots which shocked a nation in the summer of 2011.

She was chosen as the face of BBC Three News to revamp the hourly news bulletins. She became a very popular presenter on the channel, not least because she'd introduce the nightly dose of Family Guy, straight after the news!

During her years at the BBC, Tasmin hosted the live, daily showbiz programme E24 on the 24-hour news channel, BBC News. Here she broke the news of Michael Jackson's cardiac arrest and subsequent death in 2009, and reported on the deaths of US actor Heath Ledger and British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. She also covered the Oscars three years in a row.

Tasmin regularly hosts award ceremonies and live televised events. She was honoured to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games 'QBR' at Buckingham Palace to over 60 countries worldwide and honoured to be asked to become an ambassador in 2011 for the Prince of Wales charity, The British Asian Trust.

Her favourite interview was with Bill Clinton in 2001. She learnt how to survive for 3 years without cooking whilst studying Politics and Economics at Oxford University. She has a passion for algebra, international travel, good food, music & dance, and Latin Literature at the weekends.